Free Courier Services on select Canvases!

By Amazello Blog Writer August 08, 2020 0 comments

Just in Time for the Holiday Rush!

We've been working on a way to fight the delays in shipping for a few months now. Have reached an agreement with a courier service that will ship to the USA, Europe, and Canada canvas and kits 70 x 70 cm or greater (50 x 80 cm doesn't qualify both sides have to be greater then 70 cm) reduced price with seven day shipping. This is the best deal we are able to find currently. We are  hoping other shipping companies and warehouses send us more proposals. For right now we will take it!

PLEASE NOTE: For orders with small and large canvases ONLY the large canvases that qualify will be expedited. The other canvases will ship regular mail. We did try to get the entire order to qualify however we couldn't negotiate a reasonable price. We will continue to try and work on smaller canvases expedited shipping as well and keep everyone updated here. 

Those canvases and kits that have set with this new service will be clearly marked. We are starting with the Christmas Collection first. See Image Below:

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