Covid - 19 Shipping Timeframe

For months we have been dealing with the impact of Covid-19 in our personal lives and business. We've tried to keep a constant timeframe of up to eight (8) weeks for orders to arrive, but mistakes do happen. 

In August we had to start manually inputting all orders to send to the printer. We are hoping to fix this problem soon. All order being print to order was an unexpected change for the entire team. We've been working around the clock to get orders processed and shipped in a timely manner. If your order hasn't arrived within the eight week timeframe please reach out to us using the Facebook messenger button below. You can also use our contact page.

United Kingdom - isn't experiencing shipping delays that we know of, and your orders should arrive within four (4) weeks.

United States - Parts of the United States are experiencing extreme shipping delays. We have orders from March arriving to some customers. The states we are seeing the highest delay are Ohio, Michigan, and Florida. Most customers in non-high impact states like California, New York, and Washington are receiving their orders within four (4) weeks. Also note that the high impact states are also states where we ship too. For example SFO in California, JFK in New York, and OHO in Michigan. 

Australia - We've stopped allowing orders to the West Coast of Australia due to the delivery timeframe taking up to three months to arrive. All other orders are being processed and are arriving within eight (8) weeks.